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Mission in the context of Community work

Mission is the apostolate of the Community  for social action, to strengthen the parish in  building basic ecclesial communities and  assisting in breaking the yoke of poverty and oppression.

Mission Apostolate Functions

"Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.” And ended with a promise. “ And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” That is Jesus’ last command to His disciples prior to His ascension in Mt. 28:19-20. This becomes our BLD Mission Apostolate Scriptural Inspiration as we pursue two tracks:

• The 1st Track is the building of BLD Communities of Faith and guide them in their growth and transformation journey through the BLD Christian Discipleship Formation Program ( CDFP) and the 4 BLD Stages of Development. At the forefront in the marketing, promotion and development of new BLD Faith Communities are our Parish Services Ministry, the District Development Ministry and the Mission Ministry, working jointly to accomplish the initial start up phase. Once organized, the DIP/Prayer Group Shepherd, along with their Tricords and/or IDCS, takes over responsibility for the growth and transformation of the new community following the BLD Stages of Development.

• The 2nd track is reaching out to the marginalized and the poor with Mission Ministry and BYOP Ministry, giving life to faith with works. From the traditional mission outreaches to the homeless via The Good Shepherd and the Out of the Cold, the elderly via The Providence visitation and carolling and Youth Without Shelter, 3 new initiatives have been undertaken since 2012 with Dismas Outreach for the ex-offenders and the Warkworth Correctional Praise & Worship, and in 2015, the Ottawa March for Pro- Life Advocacy. As education is a proven effective way for breaking the yoke of poverty, BYOP Ministry focuses on providing scholarship to poorest of the poor children through scholarships managed by Immaculate Mary Queen of Heaven Missionary nuns endorsed by our Global Spiritual Director, Archbishop Lagdameo. Likewise, participation in Ancop Walk generates funding resulting in additional scholars.


Duties and Responsibilities

A.  District Steward – Mission

  1. Secures approval of the District Mission programs from DCS
  2. Coordinates with various Mission Ministries on the implementation of any of the mission programs, according to the guidelines of the Community.
  3. Seeks approval of the Mission Order from the DCS
  4. Issues Mission Order to the designated Mission Ministry/DIP/Prayer Group
  5. Provides Pastoral Care for the coordinators under the Mission Apostolate.

B.  District Services via: DIP/Prayer Group Shepherds

  1. Develops and supports District’s In Process (DIP) into Full-Term District.
  2. Organizes the seeding program within the Diocese.

C.  Parish Services

  1. Solicits the endorsement of the Parish Priest of the District for presentation of the BLD Parish Community Development Program to other Parish Priests within the Archdiocese.
  2. Develops a template of the BLD Parish Community Program for presentation either to the Bishop or to the Parish Priest.
  3. Maintains good rapport and relationship with the Auxilliary Bishops, their second in command, and other priests, in order to have wide acceptance in all levels of the church hierarchy.
  4. Maintains a list of all BLD members and their respective parishes for possible programs that can be offered to their parishes.
  5. Familiarizes and equips through the BLD Formation, mission workers with the following basic church teachings and other Community formation.

D.  BYOP Ministry

As BYOP is the only ministry in BLD Toronto that relies 100% on fundraising to fulfill its purpose, BYOP

  1. Initiates and implements, upon DCS approval, its fundraising plans which could involve the BLD community or outside BLD.
  2. Links up and coordinates with outside agencies like ANCOP or IMQHM in pursuing its missions via Agency Agreement.
  3. Encourages members and any external networks to support and sponsor a child’s education through Scholarship of Hope.
  4. Encourages and coordinates member site visitation for a more hands on awareness and involvement.

E.  MISSION Ministry

  1. As our mission warriors, provides the heart, hands and feet for our mission outreaches to the marginalized: the homeless, the elderly, the youth without shelter, the ex-offenders and prisoners.
  2. Takes the lead in the community for church advocacy on Pro-life.
  3. Provides spiritual and physical nourishment to its members through teachings, sharings, coupled with fellowships and getaways.



Duties and Responsibilities

Circle Shepherd

  1. Presides over the Word Sharing Circle sessions.
  2. Aids Circle members in building sound interpersonal relationships in the Lord within the circle, in their respective families and with others, within and outside of the Community.
  3. Motivates the presence of Circle members in the Worship Service, Word Sharing Circle sessions, official gatherings of the Community and service in the Community’s mission .
  4. Shares in Community governance by communicating and fostering the values, norms and policies of the Community
  5. Assists in discipleship formation and ministry development of Circle members.



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