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Management in the context of Community work

The management apostolate is responsible for ensuring the proper administration of the community’s personnel and communication among all the members of the BLD Toronto community. It also handles the material and financial resources of the community. It also makes sure that all these functions are in compliance with BLD’s existing policies and guidelines.

Management Apostolate Functions

1.    To oversee the administration of the Secretariat, Treasury and Service Ministries.
2.    To oversee the management of the BLD Charitable Foundation and act as its Managing Director.
3.    To ensure that BLD Toronto District exercise transparency and use generally accepted accounting and auditing procedures in the management of their resources.
4.    To oversee efforts to generate funds and other material resources to support the resources requirements of the Community.
5.    To ensure that logistics requirements of Community’s general activities such as Corporate prayer meetings, Eucharistic Celebrations and Community assemblies are provided.

Administrative Set Up

The Management Apostolate is headed by the Management District Council of Steward (DCS) who oversees the implementation of Community policies relative to the above roles and functions of the Apostolate.  This administrative and organizational set up is shown as follows:

Functional Objectives

A.    Secretariat

The Secretariat oversees the administration of personnel, information dissemination and material resources of the BLD Toronto Community, in accordance with the policies and instructions as mandated by the District Council Steward (DCS).

B.  BLD Charitable Foundation

The BLD Charitable Foundation. was organized with the primary goal of helping the poor people in developing countries towards a worthy and brighter future by alleviating poverty, promoting well-being and facilitating basic medical care, and providing them with livelihood skills.

The general objectives of the Organization are as follows:

1)    To receive and maintain a fund or funds and apply all or part of the principal and income there from, from time to time, to charitable organizations that are registered charities under the Income Tax Act (Canada),
2)    To help alleviate hardships and poverty in the developing nations by providing food and other basic supplies to persons in need; by establishing, operating, and maintaining shelters for the homeless; and by providing counseling and other similar programs to relieve poverty.
3)    To develop or promote public health in developing nations by educating and instructing the public on prevention of, and curative measures for health problems, and by researching and documenting changes in the health of the community.
4)    To advance and teach the religious tenets, doctrines, observances and culture associated with the Roman Catholic faith.

The objectives set forth above may be undertaken in Canada, or in such places outside Canada as the Board of Trustees may identify.

C.  Service Ministry

The Service Ministry, headed by a Service Coordinator, is the first stage in a member’s discipleship training, primarily to inculcate the virtue of humility and the dignity of manual service to others.

The Service Ministry provides manpower support during training sessions for the Service Ministry and other training sessions when requested by the Teaching Ministry as approved by the District Management Steward.

D.    Treasury Ministry

The Treasury Ministry, headed by a Treasury Coordinator, is in charge of safeguarding collections of tithes and love offerings during Prayer Meetings, Eucharistic Celebrations, and other assemblies.


E. Word Ministry

The Word Ministry prepares the monthly magazine/newsletter of the Community. The Word Ministry also coordinates with all BLD Districts for up-dates in their various activities for inclusion to the magazine/newsletter.


Duties and Responsibilities     

A.      District Steward -  Management

The District Management Steward is the member of the District Council of Stewards who has the following responsibilities:

1.    Oversees the implementation of the policies and decisions passed by the DSL and the DCS relative to the functions of the Management Apostolate in the BLD Toronto District.
2.    Initiates the formulation of policies and develops plans on matters related to Management Apostolate functions affecting the BLD Toronto District.
3.    Recommends to the DCS manners of addressing different situations and problems within the BLD Toronto District that relate to his functions.
4.    Acts as Managing Director of the BLD Charitable Foundation.
5.    Provides pastoral care to all coordinators under this apostolate.
6.    Ensures the publication to the members and submission to the DSL the quarterly and annual financial reports at the end of the following month of each quarter and year.
7.    Ensures that BLD Toronto District tithes and other financial obligations are remitted on time.

B.    BLD Toronto Secretariat

The District Secretariat, headed by the Secretariat Coordinator and reporting directly to the District Management Steward, performs the following functions:

1.    Ensures the efficient administration of the office of the District Secretariat.
2.    Provides administrative assistance to the DCS in the exercise of its functions.
3.    Ensures the effective flow of communications within the DCS and those coming in and out of the DCS and the ECSL through the DSL.
4.    Ensures that all documentation on community members, venue requirements for various community programs and events, office equipment and systems requirements for various ministries are properly maintained.
5.    Be primarily responsible for the effective operation and maintenance of the BLD Toronto website.
6.    Ensures that minutes of the District Leaders Conference (DLC) and Disciples meetings and resolutions are recorded, properly published and archived.

E.   Service Ministry Coordinator

1.    Ensures manpower services and other necessary support to the BLD Toronto District activities including its Life in the Spirit Seminar, Community/Corporate Prayer  Meetings and Eucharistic Celebrations, Community Assemblies; District Disciples Retreats and Recollections.
2.    Ensures manpower services during training sessions when requested by the Teaching Ministry and approved by the District Management Steward.
3.    Provides manpower services and other support to Archdiocesan activities such as CCRC meetings, rallies and other similar activities as approved by the DSL and/or DCS.
4.    Provides pastoral care to Circles Shepherds assigned to the Ministry

F.  Treasury Ministry Coordinator

1.      Gathers all  cash and cheque collections during prayer meetings, Eucharistic Celebrations and other Community assemblies.
2.      Deposits such collected amounts to the bank as instructed by the District Management Steward.
3.      Submits a report of such collections and retain the corresponding deposits slips and all other related documents for internal / external audit purposes.


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